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Bizon calling card

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Bizon calling card Welcome to Lehed.com, we offers pre-paid calling card and international phone card that are ready to use pins delivered instantly to your registered e-mail address.

Now we offer, prepaid telephone card Bizon.

Bizon calling card is a Permanent PIN card with Refill feature and PIN Free Access option. No Connection/No Maintenance Fees. The card offers very low rates to many countries all over the world.

Bizon phone card features:
  • Value: 10,20,50,100,250$
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Rounding - 1 minute
  • Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA/Canada)
  • Local Access Numbers - Yes (Canada)
  • Tax - 15%
  • Pay Phone Charge - 99c
  • Validity period - Unlimited (Card expired if no refill within 6 months.)
  • Prompt Languages - English
  • International Access - This card can be used for calls from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA - Continental
Permanent PIN features:
  • PIN Free Access! Register your phone number with the card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the Access number, and You don't need to enter a hard-to-remember PIN! Register up to 6 different phone numbers to one account.
  • Refill pin the card at any time (add more funds).
  • Buy Bizon card / Get Bizon card rates / Bizon dialing instructions

    Order your calling card today and start saving on your domestic and international long distance calls immediately.

    Best Bizon card rates:

    Argentina - 3.9 ¢/min
    Canada - 2.0 ¢/min
    Hong Kong - 2.2 ¢/min
    India - Bombay - 11.0 ¢/min
    Mexico City - 3.3 ¢/min
    New Zealand - 3.2 ¢/min
    Portugal - 3.5 ¢/min
    Russia - Moscow - 1.8 ¢/min
    Russia S.Peter - 2.2 ¢/min
    Singapore - 3.0 ¢/min
    UK - 2.3 ¢/min

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